Create and Publish Free Explainer Videos to YouTube

Free Explainer Videos to YouTube


There are a lot of risks involved in the field of entrepreneurship. Advertising your brand or product in the perfect way is a tough job. It is also a critical stage in the business model. Therefore, you must be careful how you choose to go about it.

It has been observed that explainer videos may be a very effective way to convey your message to your potential customers. They are usually 60 to 90 seconds long. If they are longer than that, holding your viewers’ attention for the entire duration will be a challenge. The videos consist of a brief description of your product or brand. Brand and product explainer videos usually follow a certain format. They start with an introduction to your brand. Next, you introduce a problem to the audience and present your product as a solution. Then, by showing them that you are trustworthy, you encourage the user to purchase your product.

Animated explainer videos are one of the most common types of video ads. PowToon is one of the most popular software used to create explainer videos of this kind. Another popular type is whiteboard explainer videos. You may have come across videos in which only a human hand is featured. The hand writes and erases text and drawings on-screen, usually on a white background. These are whiteboard videos. They are fairly easy to make. Explainer videos can also be live-action, although they would consume more resources and time.

Now, you may be wondering how to make explainer videos. There are a few steps that you must follow if you want to come up with a satisfactory end product. The first step in making an impressive video ad is brainstorming. Collect all your ideas and thoughts in one place. It is always best to collect ideas from multiple sources, or at least take a second opinion when finalizing your idea. The next step is writing a script for the idea that you have selected. The best explainer videos usually make use of light humor. That is because humor is both creative and tends to keep the viewer engaged more easily. The next step would be to produce your visual and audio content for the video. There are many applications available today which you can use to create free explainer videos.

The last step in the making of explainer videos is to publish them on a suitable platform. The first option is to post your video on your website. To reach an even wider audience, you can upload it to a video-publishing platform such as YouTube or Dailymotion.

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