Few Things You Must Know before Creating Explainer Videos for Business

Creating Explainer Videos for Business


Over the past few years we have been witnesses to how video material has been used more and more in the world of advertising and a lot of businesses have seen really great and positive results from them. One of the best things about these videos, and one of the reasons why so many businesses are using them, is the fact that they are pretty easy to implement and when someone pays for them, they have been known to return that investment by attracting more new customers. And while all of this sound great and you may be thinking that it is a great idea, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using explainer videos before you make the final decision.


The usage amount is growing

The world of video explainers and the amount of video advertising that companies do online has really grown over the years. In the year 2008 it was a billion dollar business and in just 6 short years, in 2014 it had already grown to almost $6 billion. This kind of growth doesn’t happen in just any business so if we see it happen, then it is safe to assume that the growth only happened because there is already a proven track record of success.



There is virtually no business out there in which you can’t be scammed in one way or another. If you are not someone that has any skills with creating explainer videos, then odds are that you are going to look for a person or a company to do the job for you. There a lot of companies out there that claim they know what they are doing and in some cases that is the truth, but in other they simply charge way more than necessary and you then you end up with a product that is no better than mediocre. So, the truth is that sometimes no matter how much research you do there is always the chance that someone will end up with your money and you’ll end up with a product that sub-par.


You can use them for multiple things

Having a video like this doesn’t meant that you can only use it for one thing. If the video explains a product that is crucial to your business or just your business in general, then you can definitely use it for multiple things. Apart from just putting it on your corporate home page you can also include it in email newsletters, trade show, presentations and different social media sites. This way you will be able to reach a lot more customers with just one video.

Explainer videos do have a pretty good track record and their usefulness has been proven over the years, but everything comes with some kind of risk. And while some risks are worth it for certain people, some will just be too much for others, so it is really important that you weigh those pros and cons and see if you think they will be worth it for you.


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